A while ago I got to chat with Jeremy Tinder's students at the Art Institute of Chicago, on Skype, which was really fun and I liked it, I could have gone on and on all day long. But then, as a thank-you, Jeremy sent me this completely totally immensely awesome thing, my jaw dropped and banged on the floor:


Oh yeah

Also, I might be retiring from comics and illustration to make Shrinky Dinks full-time. I'll keep you posted.


You Can't be serious

I was very excited to have the opportunity to do a back-page comic for the Winter 2011 issue of Dissent magazine, out now. I did a sort of reaction piece to Susan Faludi's article on the generational schism in feminism, from a recent issue of Harper's. Subscribe to Dissent to see my comic and other articles from this issue online, or see it here.


The other city that never sleeps

I drew the cover of this week's Bohemian! Don't be a hobo, pick up a Boho.


Sticky Stuff

Tomorrow's the opening of Giant Robot's Post-It Show 6, in Los Angeles. I'm in it with a super huge bunch of other artists, we all sent in arted-up post-its and people go in there and snatch them up. They are $20. I don't have photos of the ones I did because I drew them all in Florida and didn't take pictures.