Screedy Johnston


Strange Stories

Happy Holidays! My dad, Gerald Davis, was this really great photojournalist, capturing strange and important events on film in a career spanning four decades. He died in 1997 and his slides and pictures have all just been languishing in my mom's house in Florida. This past year, though, designer Todd Oldham edited together a big, beautiful monograph of his work, and it's just been published by Ammo Books. It's called STRANGE STORIES: THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF GERALD DAVIS, but you'll recognize it in the bookstore or online when you see this picture:




Get Wet

Today I spilled a diet soda all over literally every single page of every portfolio of original art that I keep, super professionally and securely, on the floor under my desk, open-side up so as to receive all of the possible diet soda that might fortuitously be spilled down there. Luckily, nothing was (too) ruined, but the entire hour I spent wiping down every page of every portfolio took me on a lovely stroll down memory lane of comics published but perhaps not widely seen. Long story short, here's a comic I drew when I first moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago for Arthur Magazine.

If it seems like there hasn't been much "news"--it's because I am working! Bzz bzz. Nothing to show you yet but look, I can't always show you everything I'm doing, as much as I'd love to.




MC Lite

Oh, you're at the beach? Well, Mimi Pond and I are getting ready for the ICON Illustration Conference in Portland, Oregon, next week! We're emceeing it. Gulp!