March contains multitudes

My friends taught me about the Offset filter in Photoshop! The world is just a series of locks, and friends provide keys. So now I don't have to make these jacked-up patterns anymore. Only functional ones. Now I just need a series of breakfast nooks to wallpaper.



Fun and failure: February

I was honored to be invited to New York City (in the middle of February) to conduct a gallery talk at the incredible "Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix: A Retrospective" at The Jewish Museum.

Hi, have you heard? Art Spiegelman is incredible. I was terrified to talk about such a major figure in comics, art, and literature, but it was really fun and there's so much to discuss. 

Brilliant Tahneer Oksman even wrote up the event for the Jewish Book Council! Kvelling. 

The rest of my trip to New York was spent rolling around at my family's house, being sick with the worst cold I have had in years! Sorry, beloved family. It was actually pretty fun (for me). 

Now I'm back in L.A. I am still determined to make patterns happen. Even if I can't line them up for the life of me.





Florida feelings


All I ever wanted

I drew this poster for Sequential Artists Workshop 2014 fundraiser. $25 for a big (11x17) risograph poster; all proceeds benefit the coolest school in Gainesville, Fla.! Check out all their rewards here.



The Beguiling Books & Art in Toronto is now carrying a buncha my originals in their online shop. So happy.